03/2016 bis heute Freiberuflicher Editor & Colorist

03/2014 bis 02/2016 Operations Coordinator Disney Channel The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH

Coordinating the timely processing and delivery of digital video and audio content for various platforms such as television, on-demand services, online and social media.

Quality and quantity monitoring of each shift and consultation with the relevant internal and external departments to ensure process efficiency and the highest possible quality.

Contact for other departments regarding availability of materials and material processing , technical services, availability of resources, process flows to prepare material for broadcast and status of signal transmission and material delivery.

Disposition of resources (technical/staff) as directed by the Content Manager, coordination of resources in daily operations.

Continuous coordination with the technical team for meeting the technical requirements and guidelines and process optimization.

Ensuring a smooth and efficient production process.

09/2012 bis 02/2014 On-Air Volontär Disney Channel The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH

-Supporting the OnAir production.
-Participation in campaign development and campaign production.
-Development and implementation of creative concepts.
-OnAir Promo-Trailer editing
-Adaptation of international Promo-Trailer and campaigns.
-Preparation and co-supervision of OnAir-Promo shoots.

10/2010 bis 08/2012 Supervisor für Digital Film & Animation an der SAE-München

-Supporting students during their practical training periods
-Conduct of skill tests of students in the SAE studios and workplaces with marks
-Test supervisor in theoretical examinations of the students.
-Preparation and teaching lessons in the field of greenscreen and compositing
-Rental services for Camera, Light and Sound-Equipment to the students for practical lessons and practical projects. Checking and Maintainiance of the Equipment after use.
-Telephone and personal care of SAE-Students and prospective customers
-Data maintenance of SAE student database and SAE job portal
-Advice to the prospective SAE-Students on the open days at SAE Munich

Eigenproduktionen (u. A.)

2012 „JAin“ (Kinokurzfilm) Im Auftrag des GSC-Allgäu.

official selection 2013

Tätigkeit: Idee, Drehbuch, ausführende Produktion, Regie, Grading, Retusche

Auswertung: Premiere auf dem 18. GSC Filmfest Bad Wörishofen, 48. Filmwerkstatt der jungen Filmszene Frankfurt, 19. QFest Philadelphia, Nominiert als bester Kurzfilm auf dem 3. Merlinka Filmfest in Belgrad.




Praktika und Nebentätigkeiten

04/2010 bis 09/2010 Technischer Praktikant bei TV-      

Having an ENG Camcorder on the shoulder several times a day for local daily news airing every evening.

Typical Day:
-Preparing Camera and Sound equipment for the day.
-Briefing with the writer of the specific topic, who we gonna meet with and why we are interviewing this person, why and what has initial happened before the story.
-Going on location, catching nice pictures and impressions of the scenario, set up and filming the interview.
-Doing the voice over recording with the writer back in the studio, after that, editing the news report according to the briefing with the writer.

From the new born tiger Baby in the circus in town, up to deadly car crashes- I have seen all that through the lens of my camera at the age of 19. It was a taff time, with a lot of laughing, a few tears in my eyes and I have learned a lot about life while doing my first steps in Broadcast-Production.

I don´t know how many News I have filmed but I have all of them on DVD here is one of them:

09/2008 bis 02/2009 Praktikant bei der Kinoton GmbH

Softwarekenntnisse u. A.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • RED Cine X, Sony Catalyst Browse, ARRI RAW Converter
  • Colorfront OSD
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe After Effects
  • The Foundry NUKE
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Avid Interplay MAM


  • MAC OS
  • Windows


11/2012 bis 11/2013 SAE Institute München

Fachbereich: Digital Film & Animation

Abschluss: Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Digital Filmmaking

Honoursarbeit: „Untersuchung über die Auswirkungen verschiedener, stereo-          skopischer Projektionsmethoden auf den Zuschauer.“

Grade: 2.2

10/2011 bis 10/2012 SAE Institute München

Fachbereich: Digital Film & Animation

Abschluss: Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking

Praxisprojekt: JAin-Kurzfilm Projektbewertung: 1,6

03/2009 bis 03/2010 SAE Institute München

Fachbereich: Digital Film & Animation Abschluss: Diploma

Facharbeit: Stereoskopie im Kino

Abschlussnote: 1,6