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Albeit already familiar with Marco’s skill set when I started working with him in the same department and team, I was still surprised when he immediately started to excel in his role. In addition to his expert proficiency in video production and post-production, Marco sports an analytical mind paired with a proactive hands-on mentality, enabling him to clearly identify problems in workflows, processes or procedures and immediately set out to resolve them. Seeing the big picture and thus aiming to conduct optimization on a larger scale, this does not prevent him from going for the quick fix and quick win if necessary. In addition to his impressive skill set he displays an open, friendly attitude and is always willing to quietly, but thoroughly, explain and to offer opinions, solutions and approaches. He’ll be a great addition to whatever team he’s going to play for.

Christian Hermann – Director Operations Disney Channels
The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH – Feb 2016


Marco Zanoni, is a person I would highly recommend to any valued company in search of talented employees. His keen insight for detail and sounding input are cherished dearly. His growth potential can only continue to get better. Marco’s interests are very vast and diverse. Having a person of such value will only advance any team and or company. His multiplex of detail on the creative and technical side should be viewed as an enrichment and enhancement. When put to the test, Marco has regularly shown and proven that obstacles in work mean for him challenges for success and advancement of know-how. Having worked hand in hand with Marco on diverse projects over the last years’ I can state his ceiling is rather high. People of such character are rare, and I am happy to have had a chance to work with him in my career.

Nathaniel Griffin Jr. – Technical Manager Disney Channels
The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH – March 2016


Marco Zanoni, has constantly been cooperating in my movie projects to my great satisfaction as an editor and colorist since about two years now. 

Since about 2012 I am bringing to life my own fiction movie projects as an independent director, producing short movies of up to ten minutes and music videos so far. The works can be seen on vimeo, Facebook and youtube as well as on personal demand (especially the ones not yet published). In the end of 2013 the first common project with Marco happened to be – a poetic dreamy short movie in which he took part as colorist. That cooperation turned out to be satisfying to a degree that made several other projects follow right away, and it hasn’t stopped until today. By now Marco has been in six projects with me, not mentioning the many (mostly technical) moments of help in different contexts. His activities have been mainly in the fields of editing and color grading.

In each new project again I am amazed of Marco as an editor and colorist and I’m always happy to not have to give these positions to anyone else. As I described it to him already a few times, I think that his ability of communicating in a reliable and truthful way is absolutely outstanding. He always explained me friendly and patiently any technical or esthetical complication detail and would also take care of any appearing problem in a most patient way. Our agreements and the regular detailed exchange via email (which are totally necessary tools for me as I travel a lot and shoot international movies) worked out perfectly fine in every project with Marco, on a professional productive level I never experienced with anyone else. He keeps to time limits we agreed on without exception and announces delays or complications always by himself, usually even with an excuse even though he always worked for and with me without being paid anything. He works fast and with ambition in all of the projects, his results are always clean, taking care of every detail and feedback of any kind is always well structured, smooth and easy to continue working with. I want to stress in all this that our co-work was always performed exclusively via email and telephone and we met in person for the first time after one and a half years only, but nevertheless (or even more) can I say that our workflow has really always been uncomplicated and pleasant.

Also on a personal level, as well as concerning the work content, we got along well very soon, speaking the same language (also regarding humor) which for sure is a very deciding factor for our successful cooperation throughout months – Marco is joyful, funny, uncomplicated and can be very passionate. His style and taste concerning editing and color grading responds to my own esthetic reception in most cases and I always enjoyed working together on unsatisfying parts whenever one of us wouldn’t feel happy with any element of the editing or grading, or when we had to perform the famous “kill your darlings“ or take any other kind of obstacle. Marco is honest and direct in a pleasant way and speaks his mind without offending or sticking too much to his point of view.

I also highly appreciate Marco‘s technical abilities and knowledge, as you might guess from the former descriptions. I think of him as very talented in his field and saw many times how deep his knowledge is on many levels and how it’s growing constantly. With several solved complications he won my blind confidence concerning technical stuff a long time ago.

All in all I can say that I never regretted any cooperation with Marco, neither was I unhappy with any element of it, which is something I can’t say often. I wish Marco that he finds the perfect way for himself in private and professional life and I hope very much, that we will work on more projects together. I’m looking forward to it already!

Lisa Zielke – Independent Directress
Okt 2015

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